Diamond Climate Control Systems Q&A

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Heating and Cooling Questions and Answers

All of us have questions about heating and cooling. Whether its cost or simply about the products and installation Diamond Climate Control Systems are here to answer any questions you may have. If you do not see your answer here please contact us!

The higher the efficiency the more heat is exchanged from the heat exchanger so an 80% you get 80% of the heat from your system. A 98% uses 98% of the heat being exchanged. With that the flue temperatures are lower with the higher efficiency furnaces. Less waste and heat lost out the flue. 

A heat pump is exactly what it says, it absorbs the heat from the outside atmosphere and releases it inside the building it is heating. Most heat pumps are designed to absorb heat down to a specific temperature. If that temperature goes lower, then a secondary heat source is required, either an electric or gas source air handler. 

Because we are certified experienced professionals, that are properly equipped to do the job. Provide the best equipment and service for a fair price. We stand by all work we do.

Yes, we have many options and plans available

As soon as you hear the noises. There and many different things that can cause the noises. 

Yes, I sell a new thermostat with any new system. We offer many different brands, and types to serve the customer’s needs.

With proper maintenance a typical system will last 15 to 20 years.

A Aprilaire or an Air Bear 15 to 20 hypo allergenic MERV filter. These filters provide a large surface area for filtration.

Will you inspect the whole HVAC system, including electrical components and ductwork?

Yes, we do a home survey on any home that is getting a new system. The survey helps size the equipment properly.

Yes, we put a package together that has all the documentation and service record for the equipment installed.

Yes, we check static pressure before and after installation, and adjust as needed. 

Yes, as per code all ducts have to be sealed and secured properly.

Yes, upon initial consultation, all the equipment, location, start and stop will be discussed. We will have a copy of the insurance policy on hand for you to review.

It includes the quote, which has the equipment, labor, Refrigerant, and any miscellaneous parts, to include ductwork, electrical components. 

Yes, to keep the system working at its peak performance.

We can usually respond to service calls with in the first hour of the call.