Our Heating & Cooling Products

Providing top-of-the-line heating and cooling equipment built to last and energy efficient

Heating and Cooling Products

Top-of-the-line Air Conditioners and Furnaces

Air conditioner and furnace installation, repairs, and maintenance. Make an appointment to get a quote and our team will recommend the best heating and/or cooling system for your home or office. We promise you won’t regret it.

RunTru® Air Conditioners

Stay comfortable in those warm climates with a new RunTru A/C unit equipped with high-quality components suitable or any size space. Save energy even on the stickiest days of the year.

RunTru® Air Furnaces

Stay comfortable on those cooler days with a new RunTru furnace equipped with high-quality components suitable or any size space. Save energy even on the coldest days of the year.

RunTru® Ductless Systems

Replace those old ducts and window units with a single or multi-zone air conditioner or heater. Get the solution you need for any size space that’s quiet, efficient and economical.

RunTru® Packaged Units

Save on space with heating and cooling with packaged units. It’s a no brainer with new construction or trying to gain more space in an existing home.


Heat pumps are cost-effective for all your home comfort needs. With efficient air flow these durable units keep you comfortable year-round.

RunTru® Air Handlers

Get rid of toxins and allergens in the air with an Air Handler and keep your home’s air clean all year-round quietly and efficiently.

RunTru® Indoor Air Coils

Ask us about Indoor Air Coils great for any season that stand up to year-round use. Get long term performance and efficiency.


We offer a variety of heating and cooling smart thermostats to meet your home or business needs. Get a quote today so we can get yours installed!


Add just the right amount of humidity to your home or business without feeling dry or stuffy. Renduce dry skin, brittle hair, chapped lips, and even cold-like symptoms